Smarthome sensors ZigBee or WIFI, which technology is best?

Both technologies have their advantages and disadvantages, here is a side-by-side comparison of ZigBee vs Wifi sensors for the smart home. For my comparison, I take the TeHyBug Wifi sensor and Aquara ZigBee Sensor which is connected through a HeilBee v4.5 ZigBee stick to my HomeAssistant.

Requires a special ZigBee hub or coordinator stick. The Hub is usually connected through WIFI or LAN to the network.Doesn’t require any special hubs etc. Just a WIFI network. Is very versatile and can connect to a remote server.
Custom data serving modes require some custom software to be installed on the hub. i.e. zigbee2mqttAll the custom data serving modes already exist on the sensor, it supports HTTP POST/GET/etc. MQTT and other
Usually has a low signal rangeUsually has a long and widely spread signal range
Low power consumption, requires a small battery like CR2032 which lasts up to 1 yearWIFI is a power-hungry technology, so a 18650 Lithium Cell will last about a half year or more, depending on the sensor
Easy to add a device to your ZigBee netwoork, requires just a few button pressesHas a complex but more versatile installation and configuration. Requires WIFI network credentials and setting up MQTT broker details to be provided directly to the sensor through WEB UI.

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