Scriptable IOS widget for TeHyBug CO2

Get the script from:

iOS 14
Scriptable version 1.5 (or higher)

copy the source code above (click “raw” on the upper right)
open the Scriptable app
click on the “+” symbol in the upper right and paste the script
click on the title at the top and give it a name (i.e. TeHyBug)
save it by clicking “done” in the upper left
go to your homescreen, long press anywhere to enter the “wiggle mode”
press the “+” sign on the upper left, scroll down to “Scriptable”, choose the first (small) size and press “Add widget” at the bottom
while still in wiggle mode, tap the widget to enter its setup screen
as a “Script” choose your saved script from above (TeHyBug)

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